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SephirothInu Project

SephirothInu is ready to fight for his less fortunate four-legged friends. SephirothInu is the first charity token that helps kennels and has a Real Dog as main character.

Work Process

How SephirothInu takes care about his friends?

The entire SephirothInu staff loves animals and support kennels, pet hospitals providing them what they need most is our main objective.

  • Providing supply to kennels & pet hospitals

  • Paying expenses for pet prothesis production

  • Produce personalized food packages and donate it to Kennels

Best Features

Why you should support SephirothInu project?

Safe & Secure
Safe & Secure

We adopt a filter of constant transparency to guarantee our client/holders safety and security.

Early Bonus

Each trade has 5% fees that is distribuited in charity address and we show real content such as videos and photos to guarantee that we donate everything to no-profit companies.

Several Profit
Community Driven

Our main force is the support of our community and they love helping us sharing our project everywhere.

The Timeline

SephirothInu aim to be the top charity token worldwide.


At Sephiroth Inu, our top priority is to create a platform where you can participate in the making of a better and safer world for our 4-legged friends, this is why we are dedicated to giving individuals the power and possibility to protect dogs around the world;

Community culture and collaboration are as important to us as the traits of our Sephiroth that we will strive to mirror, including INTELLIGENCE and AGILITY in making important decisions quickly, FRIENDLY with everyone without distinction and CURIOUS to find new ideas to expand our good in the world.

Our mascotte as well as symbol and token Sephiroth will take care in the flesh and hair of helping his friends, protecting them from mistreatment and abandonment by giving them food and care to make them return happy as alone a dog should be. In a world shaken only by money, help Sephiroth in this noble cause by giving hope to the most faithful animal, the best friend of man, he who will never turn his back and will always be ready to stretch out a paw.

9% Trading fee

For each transaction 9% trading fee is applied!

  • 3% Charity
  • 3% Distributed to holders
  • 2% Sephiroth (2th Charity Wallet)
  • 1% Devs (Marketing)

Total Supply

For each transaction 9% trading fee is applied!

  • 3% Charity
  • 4% Listing & Promo
  • 2% Sephiroth (2th Charity Wallet)
  • 1% Marketing
  • 91% Pool

Our Blog

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Frequently Asked questions

Trasparency is our key and we wants to make it easy for you to clear any doubt!

What is Sephiroth Inu?

Sephiroth Inu is a charity token that has as main objective to help less fortunate animals! Sephiroth Inu takes its name and logo by "Sephiroth" a dog of one of our Founders!

How can I buy?

We understand that crypto currency world is not easy for everyone, that is why we made a guide:
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What is the Contract Address?

Sephiroth Inu Contract is the following one:

How can I check you donated for real?

We make video and photo for every charity event and provide them on our socials! Go check it!

How can I support Sephiroth Inu?

Join now our social and share Sephiroth Inu EVERYWHERE!
Here it is our global telegram group:
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